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interior.jpgLet me just say, I love the Enzian Theater. My wife and I became members last year and I have been totally digging it. No, I’m not much for the smell of cloves and goth apparel, nor do I think Post Modern Avante Garde German cinema is entertaining. However, I do appreciate getting to see some films you just can’t find in the big theaters.

The last three I’ve seen have been Tsotsi, a spectacular South African film that I had to run out and buy the soundtrack for, Joyeux Noël, an excellent WWI era story based on true events, and A Scanner Darkly, which had some great art direction and a peformance by Robert Downey Jr. that I thought stole the show. What also appeals to me is another aspect of the Enzian that you also just can’t get in the big megaplexes: A quality enjoyable movie going experience.

I go to the regular theaters often enough and I swear, everytime I leave I am just pissed off. People arrive late, they talk through the film, teenagers talk back to the movie itself, and just generally you get the idea that you are the only ones that actually came to the movies to, well… watch the damn movie! And god help you if you actually ask an usher to do their job. No 17 year old skinny kid wants to tell some belligerent grown adult or cute tipsy 20 year old girl they need to settle down or leave, not for minimum wage at least. So basically the assholes have the run of the place and the movie going experience is utter crap. For all you sobbing movie execs, this by the way, not internet piracy, is the reason people go to the movies less. The experience flat out sucks, and for $10 a head none the less.

At the Enzian I can call ahead and reserve a comfortable table with plush armed chairs. I can dine on fairly good food brought to me by wait staff, even good beers in a glass! If people arrive late, they DON’T get in (what a concept.) If you are loud and disruptive, they ask you to leave. To them the experience is as important as the movie, and it pays off in spades for the best movie going experience you will ever have. And the icing on the cake is that cost of the tickets and food is pretty much comparable to what you’d pay at the big theaters for crappier food and a crappier experience.

That’s why I love our Enzian Theater. Another reason to like Orlando.

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  1. Dawn (unregistered) on July 26th, 2006 @ 11:44 am

    You know what?!? I couldn’t agree with you more! Movie going experience is “ok” at best, prices are getting higher everyday and even though there are huge speakers to give us surround sound, it doesn’t drown out cell phones and other inconsiderate folks. Thanks for the tip!

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