Help Enlighten Our Local Leaders

tailight.jpgIn all the hubbub over the local black leadership and their apparent problems with law enforcement and traffic stops, one thing seems to be consistent to me in the issues. The majority of these stops in which the local Black Caucus feels they are being profiled occurs as a result of a broken tail light or other vehicle malfunction.

I think we need to be compassionate and help find a real and viable solution to the problem, that will please both the offended, and the offenders. In the name of fairness and solution-seeking, I propose we take the time to help these local leaders of ours. Please take all your coupons and sunday ads for local auto parts stores and repair shops that we receive in the mail and newspaper nearly daily, and let’s give back to these leaders who have given us so much already, by mailing them to their offices. To do my part I provide the following link to local auto parts stores in an effort to ensure they find a nearby location where they can get what they need to make their driving experience safe and free of those rude and intrusive stops by the local law enforcement, who so viciously have been targeting them in their misguided efforts to make sure the driving public is safe.

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