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Absolute Amusements and Roger Holler team up to aid Katrina victims

I didn’t get this message until today, so hopefully it’s not too late to generate some more donations and volunteers.

Dear Friends:

A few hours ago, David Peters of Absolute Amusements called me to request help. He has 5 eighteen wheeler trucks he wants to fill with water and nonperishable food items (not clothing or other supplies – just food) to send to Hurricane Katrina victims. He has already located several businesses he has relationships with who can receive the items and will distribute them in the Gulf Coast.

In a matter of hours, God has answered our prayers by providing a collections location. Roger Holler has generously offered their empty lot at Denning and Fairbanks. On Tuesday and Wednesday, from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., we will be collecting items. David’s team will stack the items on pallets and plastic wrap them. Forklifts will be used to load the trucks. On Thursday or Friday, people in Mississippi and Louisiana will receive the items at distributions centers.

We need your help. Here are our needs:

1. Donations – David has committed that if we collect more than he can haul, he will get more trucks to take the supplies.

2. Please spread the word. You can forward this email to your friends in Winter Park/Orlando and spread the word with everyone you know. We need to move quickly.

3. We really need volunteers to man the collections. We hope to have a traffic flow of cars across the lot that allows for quick entry and exit.

If you can volunteer, please call me at 407-647-1278 or 407-247-6231. I will happliy add you to the schedule.

4. If you have contact with anyone in the media. Please call them. The more exposure we get, hopefully the more we can collect. They are welcome to contact me with any questions. We would love to have a radio station there to broadcast.

Thanks so much.

Jennifer Casebier


Flying Spaghetti Monster Makes Orlando Weekly Cover!

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The intelligent design debate has been one of my favorite topics of discussion as of late. I am glad to see that our own alternative paper is bringing up the issue, especially in what is generally pro-creationism area. While the pastafarian movement is a tongue-in-cheek mythos, it addresses a serious issue. Is pushing Intelligent Design in school promoting science or just a sneaky way of shoe-horning religion into the public school system? Check out the story by Jeff C. Billman in the latest issue of The Orlando Weekly.

Darwin Was Right! Or Was He?

More information on The Flying Spaghetti Monster and pastafarians @ Wikipedia.

Katrina Relief

As Floridians, we know how devastating hurricanes can be. We also know how many people from around the country (and the world) came to our aid last year. So, there are plenty of opportunities to help. This is just a tiny sample of fundraising events coming up in the next couple weeks from

Brevard County Fire-Rescue will conduct its annual

Pump Patrol

Ok, so who has gas and who doesn’t?

I know people have been going crazy over the gas shortages and many people are saying it’s more media hype than a real problem. However, thanks to the hype, both gas stations on my street are out of gas. I was lucky enough to fill up Wednesday at $2.56/gal because by the time they get gas back in, it’ll be close to $3!

That should last us through the Labor Day weekend and by then I’m hoping gas has been delivered (and, this may be asking too much but, a little lower in price?).

What’s going on in YOUR part of the city?

UCF Reaches Out:..

UCF to Allow College Students Displaced by Hurricane Katrina to Register for Classes

The University of Central Florida beginning today will allow college students displaced by Hurricane Katrina to register for classes on a space-available basis.

Students who were enrolled this fall at universities that have been closed because of the hurricane may apply to UCF by 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 9. Students can call 407-823-6188 for enrollment information; a 800 number will be posted at later this week. Because UCF started classes Aug. 22, admissions staff will work one-on-one with displaced students to expedite admission, enrollment and financial assistance processes.

Application fees will be waived, and students will pay in-state tuition rates. UCF will provide guidance and tutoring assistance, as well as referrals for housing and other necessities.

Students will be offered admission on a case-by-case basis and will be required to sign a form verifying they were registered elsewhere and have been displaced. Students who are unable to provide transcripts and other official materials immediately will be allowed to do so at a later date to be determined.

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