It’s 97 Degrees Out… Let’s Wear PANTS!!!

Working in the tourist buisness as I do now. Ya, Target sucks! Well working for them does, but shopping their is still fun, just found a better paying and less hours job that I love. Anyways, back to what I was saying… tourists. I see plenty everyday. Heck, we all do! But latley it’s really weird how they dress. (No offense.)

The Canadians are pale white, like they walked thru a fountain of WHITE OUT and yet, they walk out of the hotel lobby where I work into the beating down hot as hell Florida sun, in a skimpy tank top and short/short shorts. Can we say cover up or you will be a LOBSTER! Then there are the ones that walk out to stroll I-Drive and they are wearing a long sleeve shirt, plus jeans. OH MY GOD!

I just look at them and shake my head. I smile my “fake” Disney smile and wait to see them tomorrow. Burned to a crisp. I have told a few clients what to put on the burns so they can sleep at night. Then they always say the same thing… I guess I should have covered up or atleast put sunscreen on.

Great now, the state of Florida will be sued by lots of tourists for not being warned about the deadly sun rays we have here and go home to catch skin cancer or something. WEAR SUNSCREEN and COVER UP!

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