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LYNX Removes Ads From Busses Following Action 9 Investigation
ORLANDO, Fla. — An Action 9 investigation has triggered a big change at LYNX. Now, the agency is covering bus ads involving two controversial companies. LYNX started covering the ads Tuesday, after a Channel 9 investigation found a second company that advertises on LYNX busses could be in big trouble with the state.

Action 9’s Todd Ulrich found the mortgage company advertising is not licensed. The controversial ads LYNX is removing were all bought by a man who, so far, has refused to pay a one million dollar advertising contract.

“No credit, no problem. Everybody qualifies for a mortgage,” according to LYNX bus ads, but there is a big problem with Prime First Mortgage.

When an Action 9 volunteer called the number on the bus, we heard we could qualify for a loan right on the phone. But, according to the state of Florida, Prime First cannot legally offer home loans because it doesn’t have a mortgage license.

It apparently does have a fake office. Its official Longwood address belongs to a totally unrelated company.

Brian Martin is the LYNX spokesman. “Oh, we thought they were a legitimate company,” Martin said.

It turns out, the man who signed a $1.1 million advertising contract with LYNX, Jim Gahan, was convicted of embezzlement in another state. It’s the same Jim Gahan who advertises Client Services on LYNX, an attorney referral service under state investigation, accused of practicing law without a license. It’s also the same guy who’s not paying his LYNX ad bills.

LYNX stands to lose a lot more. It cost a few thousand dollars to paint the ads on each bus. The Transit Authority spent $100,000 of the public’s money to paint 23 busses for Prime First and Client Services, without collecting a penny up front. On top of the losses, the companies’ ads have been getting a free ride on LYNX to advertise controversial services.

LYNX plans to sue Jim Gahan in court and do credit and background checks on all future advertisers.
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  1. Bob (unregistered) on August 17th, 2005 @ 10:13 am

    This is discouraging. I’ve always thought Lynx has done a good job selling advertising to help generate some additional revenue for Central Florida’s bus system. Central Florida needs more buses running more often, and this deadbeat company certainly doesn’t help.

  2. Anonymous (unregistered) on September 26th, 2005 @ 12:12 pm

    He is a convicted criminal with a bunch of felonies. He is also impersonating to be a lawyer and was selling steriods at the RDV Sportsplex. I heard he killed a man who was not supposed to be taking anabolic steriods. He will be put in jail very soon!

  3. keith anderson (unregistered) on November 22nd, 2005 @ 10:48 pm

    Yhea, it was only time that would catch up with this individual. Even the federal government could not hold him down for long. The states attorney had an opportunity to bring him down, but pasted. He has enemies in over five states. I know some would like to see his ass in jail and receive the ass kicking he needs. Yes, the drugs are ture and the fraud, and theft of over 1 million dollars from those individuals thoughout those states. I am looking forward to the future news about the court date, because I will be there. If anyone needs help added to the list, let me know.

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