A veiled attempt at keeping those who make handbag poking sticks in business.

Did Al-Qaeda blow up that building in Oklahoma?
Did Al-Qaeda put anthrax in your mail?
I ain’t scared of Al-Qaeda!
I’m scared of Al-Cracker!
-Chris Rock

Christine’s brother was in town this weekend to visit IOA, so we visited him for lunch on Saturday at Citywalk. For those of you who haven’t visited the place, Universal has a large set of parking garages that all meet in a central point and from there you hit Citywalk, then the parks. Imagine our surprise when we hit a line in the central junction of the parking garage, a line caused by the need to check our bags prior to walking into Citywalk. Yes, you heard that right, not a security checkpoint before you entered the park, but pretty much as soon as you step out of your car. Is this to prevent some sort attack on Pat O’ Briens? Could Margaritaville be on high alert? FOR GOD SAKES WHO WILL SAVE THE FOSSIL STORE!?!!?

Excuse me….I’m all right….just had to get that out.

What really gets me is the quality of security guard the parks are using as a preventive measure. The man who checked Christine’s bag could have been my grandfather. What if somebody actually had something? Could this guy prevent a potentially dangerous situation? Or would he drop dead from shock? Hopefully we’ll never have to find out.

We made it past the checkpoint without the need for a cavity search, the only other thing of interest was the host at the Hard Rock recognizing Stanley Kubrick on my new shirt, and us being called into lunch by someone yelling “Kubrick, party of 4”. Now that made my day.

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