Crossing International Drive The Safe Way… If there really is one.

I’m working part time off of International Drive at one of the resorts thru a transportation company. (We help guests get to and from all the theme parks and attractions in and about the area. For a hefty fee if I might say so myself.)

So yesturday I’m sitting outside at the desk and we hear sirens. Now, that can mean anything. Driving too fast, crossing the road the illegal way and or a wreck. But this time… nope, a pedestrian (out of town guest… not from my hotel) was plowed down while crossing the street… on a CROSSWALK!!

The ambulance, cops, fire department came out then we hear the familiar roar and rumble of a helicopter. The imfamous red helli from ORMC (Fire Star or Life Line) came down right in the middle of the road to load the victim and off they went.

I know first hand the cops have been out and about telling hotel staff and guests to please becareful when crossing, due to the time of season and well people just don’t know how to drive in this state, especially on INTERNATIONAL DRIVE! Please becareful if you ever venture out on that crazy ass street, we wouldn’t want to see anyone get scrapped off the road now.

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