It pains me to say that everytime I go to one of those free newspaper stands to grab a copy of the… hmm how do I describe it.. liberating, speak your mind, funky stuff that the ORLANDO WEEKLY staff put in their little newspaper for us local people to read, while eating lunch or drinking coffee anywhere in the Orlando area, is always EMPTY!!

I mean there was no sign of any since last April to be honest. I know a few around the downtown area that are emptied and some are not even Orlando Weekly one’s anymore, unless they never where and I didn’t bother to notice. But seriously… there is a stand at the corner of Magnolia and Central Blvd right off the Lymmo bus stop that I was for sure had fresh hot of the press (cause it is a Thursday) copies. Nope. Cleaned out. But being thristy and heading toward Lake Eola as I always do, I stopped faithfully at Champs bought a Mountain Dew and started walking out when a huge pile on the window seal caught my eye.

Fresh hot off the presses Orlando Weekly’s. I grabbed a copy from the middle of the group, ya I don’t want to find out some one took a page and put the rest back on top. But seriously, do they not have enough staff to have someone go out early on Thursday mornings to distribute to the news stands where they are advertised as being there and well FREE!! I would offer my services, but I would walk in their location, which is right by the Lynx bus station and the old 8 Seconds bar, want a writing section of my own on my crazy life around the O-town we live in and then take over the whole damn thing. But if thats where I must start then fine. Just fill the newstands and we will be happy in Happytown.

*note: I would really be willing to do this if they contacted me thru here (ha!), no money required just a hot, well warm off the press copy and a 24 ounce Mountain Dew and I’m off delivering papers. Oh and throw in some of those disposable baby wipes, you know the ink will ruin my hands by 7 am.

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  1. movinglimbo (unregistered) on January 11th, 2006 @ 9:07 am

    I’m considering a move to Orlando (Thorton Park/Downtown) but I’m doubtful. I want a city that can provide a range of cultural events within reason (I don’t want to move to NYC). I’d like it if the atmosphere was a bit offbeat (like the Stardust coffeehouse) and that there was enough of it so I didn’t get bored. Can Orlando provide?

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