Help Your Fellow Orlando Metroblogger….

Okay… I have decided to get an Ipod.
Yes, an Ipod.
I see everyone has one, well when I’m out and about that is.

I have decided on getting the model in blue holds up to 2500 songs.
Ya, I know you pay for the damn contraption and then buy the songs for .99 cents off, yes, I do know that.

So, what am I asking… I’m trying to come up with a list of songs from all kinds of bands and different types of music.
I need your help Orlando… drop me a comment on here with a list of songs that if you have or had an ipod what would you put on yours. It might make me think of some great bands I might be blanking out on and open my eyes to new ones. So far I have 302 songs written down. Now, I know this might sound silly but this is why I’m doing it. I’m a silly, free spirited, klutzy kind of gal who will at the last moment, pick horrible songs that later I would have wished I never picked, so if I have a list. I will stick to the list.

My Ipod will be filled with songs that will generally leave me in a good mood, lift my spirits and make me smile. I plan on taking it everywhere I go like, my cell and camera do, but I don’t want to bust out crying cause some love sick song comes thru my ear plugs. I want to be able to start dancing in the street, bee bopping my head too kind of tunes. Anyways… I’m open for all sugguestions. I’ve gotten songs I like from Louis Armstrong to Rob Zombie on my list. Can you help me get to 2500?? PLEASE!!

I’ll even let you know if your choice made the list or if you got me to listen to new music. PLEASE… anyone???

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  1. Solonor (unregistered) on August 11th, 2005 @ 4:11 pm

    I fully expect you to download all the songs I’ve written or recorded, just ‘cuz of our strong Metblogs ties. And, um, because what the hell, you still have 2200 slots to fill, right? ;)

  2. Brian Kirsten (unregistered) on August 11th, 2005 @ 4:20 pm

    Ok here’s the songs that are currently in heavy rotation on my iPod (10 gig, just bought the wife a color 20 gig)

    (Song Title – Artist)
    mas – kinky
    una palabra – Carlos Varela (last song in the movie Man on Fire)
    Futures – Jimmy Eat World
    The Hand That Feeds (DFA Remix) – Nine Inch Nails
    Only – Nine Inch Nails
    Hurt – Johnny Cash
    That Certain Female – Charlie Feathers
    See – The Kleptones
    My 1st Song – JayZ + DJ Danger Mouse
    Science City Zero – Bit Shifter
    Feed Good Inc – Gorillaz
    Where the River Goes – Stone Temple Pilots
    The Ghost that Feeds – Ray Parker Jr Vs NIN (Nathan Chase)
    My Fair Lady – David Byrne
    Airport Finale/Here’s Looking at you, Kid – Casablanca Original Soundtrack
    Above – Blue Man Group
    Losing My Grip – Hoobastank
    Climbatize – The Prodigy
    E-Pro – Beck
    You Were the Last High – The Dandy Warhols

  3. Marisa (unregistered) on August 12th, 2005 @ 12:41 pm

    You don’t have to download all your songs from the internet, you can load music from all your existing cds (or your friends’ cds) on to your computer and get them onto the pod from there too. Good luck, it’s a pretty darn fun gadget.

  4. Solonor (unregistered) on August 12th, 2005 @ 1:30 pm

    That depends on the CD. For example, the new Foo Fighters cd, is copy protected, so that iPod owners cannot get music off it to the iPod. They HAVE to download it (illegally), even though they bought the album, if they want to listen on their iPod.

  5. Jenn (unregistered) on August 13th, 2005 @ 2:00 pm

    Thanks for the list of songs to check out, some of them I have heard and many others I have not. I’m going to check them out right away and I’ll let you know which ones I’ve liked.

    Thanks for the info on the cd process. I read somewhere, where you can do that, but thanks for the heads up.

    Last but definatly not least. Of course I’ll have your songs on my Ipod. Once I get it I’ll get intouch by email and find out how I can get them from you or your site. Thanks again hun!! :0)

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