When I was a kid, my Brazilian relatives would occasionally send our family care packages full of clothes, jewelry, and staggeringly yummy Brazilian chocolates. The Garoto bonbons were especially delicious. They were like an explosion of chocolate, so rich that just a couple would fill you up. My favorite was this kind of hazelnut bonbon surrounded in a wafer and a white chocolate coating. It came in a fuschia wrapper.

Eventually, our relatives stopped sending the packages. I retained fond memories of those yummy candies over the years. Imagine my surprise when I walked into a Walgreens recently and found Garoto sampler boxes! Needless to say, I immediately snatched a box for myself.

The candies are still delicious, although their taste seems a bit muted. I wonder if they changed the recipe at some point in time, or if they changed it specifically for American consumers. The sampler boxes (and the site) also don’t appear to have my precious white chocolate bonbon in the fuschia wrapper. Of course, I don’t read Portuguese–long story–so I could be wrong about the site.

Anyway, Garoto candies are good stuff and I’m happy to have them less than 10 minutes away.

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