Orlando International Security Membership

I believe this was mentioned in the OrlandoSentinel a while ago, link courtesy of BoingBoing.

“Orlando International Airport is in the midst of a ‘security experiment’. For a fee of about US$80.00 a year you can submit yourself to a biometric scan (fingerprint and iris data will be taken) and well as a personal Homeland Security ‘threat assessment’.

If you are determined not to be a danger to society then you will receive a credit card sized ID with a computer chip containing all of your biometric information. For the length of your ‘membership’, you will be allowed to circumvent the long security lines in favor of a much shorter access line. You will be asked to present your card to a machine that will match it to a fingerprint and/or iris scan.”

Read the full article, for more information about the Clear program head over to the Clear website.

I don’t really see the plus in it, of course I fly maybe 2-3 times a year. I’ve yet to wait at an airport for any real length of time, sure stupid things have happened (we left a nail clipper in a bag once, and I’ve had numerous “take of your shoes, I’m going to probe you” experiences), but I chalk that up as it’s just a new thing folks have to deal with if they want to fly.

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