Orlando’s Friendly Smiles…

While doing my usual day off morning routine (going to Lake Eola before it gets too hot). I decided to try alittle experiment while sitting on a park bench. I was going to see if Orlando was as friendly as I had hoped it would be.

Figuring that out would be easy. I would say “Hi”, “Hello” and or “Good Morning” to fellow residents walking on the sidewalk around the lake. I kept track of all I spoke to and weither or not I got a response back. (Ya, I know I was bored.) It started out great. Everyone smiled. Or replied the same back as I called out to them. Now I did get a few “Oh my god, she’s talking to me, I must look the other way looks” and got no response.

One elderly man took my “Good Morning” as an offer to come sit next to me on the park bench and start a conversation with me. Now I couldn’t very well have ignored him, that would be rude, let alone I would fail at my own test. So we talked about the weather and I petted his old dog, than as quickly as they came to sit next to me, they were off for cooler air.

So after 23 minutes the results were:

*37 people were friendly
* 5 people were not

Pretty good. I even got a wink from a man running with his dog. Either that or sweat got in his eye when he looked at me after hearing my voice. I like to think of it as a wink. ;0)

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