A Newfound Love of Golf

Although golf was originally restricted to wealthy, overweight Protestants, today it’s open to anybody who owns hideous clothing.
Dave Barry

Took my youngest brother to the driving range yesterday, it was his first time doing anything golf related with the exception of mini-golf so I took him to a place me and Christine frequent, Econ Golf and Baseball. It’s a nice little place, inexpensive and I can golf in my Guinness T-shirt and shorts. Stuffy it aint, I’ve seen folks driving golf balls in flip flops. Me and the wife frequent the place because I need practice, although I’ve gotten really good at carrying the clubs in their funny bag and look really spiffy with the one glove on…sadly everything else kind of falls flat after that.

I picked up golf again (used to play a bit in high school, but not very well) because Christine’s work started a golf league and her and I figured we could get some exercise doing it. For the league play we head on out to the Metrowest Golf Course, which if you can get out there, is nice looking course with some very well cut roughs and well combed sand traps. I’m sure they have wonderful fairways as well, but I can’t seem to keep my balls from going anywhere near them.

Currently my golf outings more closely resemble this than this. But I hope to get there someday, until then I’ll keep driving the golf cart with ice cold beer in hand searching for my ball in the rough, which isn’t too bad.

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