Fondue & Brunch

Marge: What’s brunch?
Jacques: You’ll love it. It’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. You don’t get completely what you would get at breakfast, but you get a good meal.
The Simpsons

We came up with a new concept this year regarding our birthday’s, the birthday weekend. Since both my wife and I had birthday’s this year that fell on or near a weekend, we figured that the celebration should begin as soon as the clock rang 5 at our respective work’s the Friday before the big event. It’s sort of like an un-birthday, a countdown of sorts ringing in our nearness to senility with style.

Monday was my wife’s birthday, so we started the festivities by going out to dinner Saturday night (before her birthday) at the Colorado Fondue Factory. We were joined by members of both my and my wife’s families so the waiter was going to have his hands full. For the folks who haven’t been there, the name is pretty much descriptive enough, it’s a fondue place designed in the vein of a Colorado lodge. Or at least how I perceive a Colorado lodge because I’ve never seen one before. The food was excellent, they’ve got some great and interesting beer on draft and the waiter was super attentive. Mom didn’t enjoy it that much, I guess it’s sort of crazy, you pay them money to bring you raw food and you cook it. In the end though it was a fun time to be had by all.

On Sunday we headed over to the Renaissance Orlando Resort at SeaWorld for their well reviewed Sunday brunch. The whole breakfast thing is where my wife and I truly differ, she’s ready and willing to hop out of bed for a good breakfast, I would rather roll over and see what adventures lunch will bring. One of the only places I’ll hop out of bed early enough for breakfast is in Las Vegas, where at 9AM I can be drunk and gambling. Anyway as I was saying the brunch at the Renaissance is much heralded, and I could tell why, the spread is magnificent, food for all tastes, topped off by one of the best dessert buffets I’ve seen. The dessert portion of this brunch had a fountain of chocolate that you could dip things into.

A fountain of chocolate….that you could dip things into….need I say more?

The only odd thing about the situation is the waiters, they would swoop in like ninjas to fill up your neverending glass of champagne, but when we had to pay the check? Everyone disappeared, you could see tumbleweeds rolling by, you could hear a far away whistling like from a Sergio Leone western. But what did I really care? If we waited long enough we could have just eaten more. And nothing’s better on a Sunday morning than a plate filled with pancakes with a side of rack of lamb. That’s some fine eating!

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