Ching Chang… Change!!

This morning, I got a very early (well for me, that is) breakfast at McD’s and headed to Lake Eola to sit by the water and relax with a magazine. I was sitting next to the little Swan fountain off Central Blvd., right infront of those new luxury condo buildings, minding my own buisness when I heard a familiar sound.

Money! Change that is. I looked to my left and on both sides of Central, walking on the sidewalk, were two men pushing this weird contraption that had a cylinder shape on the top of it. I watched as the man walked up to the meter on the side of the street, unlock the tube in the heart of the meter and put the tube in the contraption he was pushing. Then with a turn of his wrist the tube emptied out into this contraption, where you hear the familiar sound of change and lots of it.

They don’t even touch the money. They just pull the tube out put it back in, lock it up and walk to the next one. All this and I was completly in awe. The men of course for there safety were followed by an Orlando Park District van with cameras on it. But how cool is that. I’ve given plenty of money to Orlando thru the meters and even recently got my first PARKING TICKET on my windshield for returning 5 minutes too late. $22.00 for 5 minutes and if you don’t pay it in the first 14 days, it becomes $34.00… OUCH!!

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