New Target

The new Target on the corner of University and Goldenrod finally opened. Yeah, it’s a big evil corporation and whatnot, but I still like the place. I noticed cars in the parking lot on the drive home from work, and I’ve been badly needing some new sunglasses (I seem to lose mine at least once a month), so I stopped in.

It’s very shiny, and the employees are surprisingly eager to help. Wonder how long that’s going to last. :) They seem to have a bigger food section than other area Targets (barring the SuperTarget). More sunglasses, and a bigger/better selection of Juniors clothing. The toiletries section was extensive and clean. And that’s pretty much all I checked out. I got some cheap sunglasses and a couple of other basics, burned up the rest of the gift card I got for my birthday, and was out of there.

I have a feeling the Full Sail students who don’t own cars are going to love the place. 90% of them seem to live in that area.

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