How Much Longer???

Let me share an experience with you all, about the underconstruction Winter Park Memorial Hospital’s ER. I have been there twice in a weeks period. To sum it up for you folks bring a book, magazine (the ones in the waiting room are from 2003) and alot of patience.

First trip: Feb 8th from 9:23 pm till 4:42 am.
Second trip: Feb 15th from 2:08 pm till 3:10 am.

Alot of my life was sucked up in their and I will never get it back. Now I went the first time cause the cops needed to make sure I was okay. I got into a scuffle and the second time I was in alot of pain. I thought I was going to have to have surgery.

Needless to say the waiting room has phones, incase your cell phone is left at home, doesn’t work or runs out of battery. I even saw this guy recharging his battery on hospital property. Awesome!! They have a huge flat screen TV hanging on the wall and they play DVD’s all through out the day and into the night. I personally have seen The Wizard of Oz, Cheaper By The Dozen, Monsters Inc., The Wedding Planner and Beauty and The Beast.

The nurses are bitchy and one I will never let touch me again. She couldn’t stick me with the IV the first time and she had to get someone else who did it in lightning speed. The doctors are cool, but you may only see then twice during your stay. Those gowns they give you could be a little more flattering, but lets face it. If your in alot of pain and possibly looking at surgery, you don’t really give a hoot about what you look like.

All in all, Winter Park Hosiptal’s ER is changing and I hope it gets better. I only live a mile from it, if even that, and it has been a life saver for me 3 times since I have been back in the Sunshine State.

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